About Us

20+ Years Experienced Possum Removal Company In Hobart

Welcome to the company about us page. We started our journey in 1998, with a small motive to help people with possum problems. Over the years, we grew into a saviour for people in Hobart. We have not only saved people but also we have saved thousands of possums. We have the best possum catchers in Hobart to uphold this promise. The members of our team are qualified to provide possum control services and are in possession of the necessary licences and credentials.

We are constantly at the top of the list for the best pest control services in Hobart. And our team of possum control Hobart experts treats the possum removal matter with the utmost care. Our staff is highly skilled in managing circumstances like these because it is prohibited to kill possums while removing them or in any circumstance.

Also, our possum removal Hobart process is eco-friendly, safe for your family and the possums as well as produces excellent results. If you need possums removed from your property, our crew has the necessary authorization and is permitted to do so at your residence in Hobart.

We Prioritise Possum Catchers With 10+ Years Of Experience

We choose to hire possum catchers who have at least experience of more than 10 years in this field. To brush their knowledge and technique, we provide them with proper training in the removal technique. Along with how to use modern tools and technology in the field.

We Equip The Latest Technology

With ever-changing industry and technologies, everyone needs to cope with modern solutions to stay on top of the business. Every industry, including business, IT, and even pest control, is evolving quickly. Our possum removal Hobart experts must refresh their knowledge on how to use the most recent possum-catching tools and relocation ideas.

Thus, in order to preserve the quality of our possum removal services, we set up a number of programmes to educate our personnel about any new developments in the industry. This makes it much easier for us to give you the best and most efficient services in Hobart.

We Only Provide You Quality Services

In addition to believing in offering services at reasonable costs, we also make sure to offer high-quality possum removal Hobart services. This team’s approach has enabled us to amass a sizable clientele in Hobart. We have raised our standards as a result of our exceptional services, making us one of the best pest control businesses in Hobart.

You can rely on our services for possum removal, whether you want to get rid of them or lessen the likelihood of an infestation in the future.

We Provide You With 24 Hour Availability

With regard to accessibility, our local emergency pest control services are available around-the-clock. When it comes to dealing with possums, this is really beneficial. Because there are circumstances in which possums pass away as a result of their own actions. Therefore, it is crucial that they are removed the same day or within an hour. You can use our services in such circumstances, and a member of our local staff will get to you quickly.

The Various Possum Removal And Control Services That We Provide

The regions surrounding Hobart are infested with a wide variety of possums. We thus treat all possum species that might infest your property as part of our possum control services. We provide a range of possum control services, including the following:

  • Possum Nest Box Installation On A Tree
  • Possum Control Box Installation
  • Possum Nest Box Installation
  • Dead Possum Removal
  • Pre-purchase Possum Inspection
  • Backyard Possum Removal
  • Under Deck Possum Removal
  • Residential Possum Removal
  • Commercial Possum Removal
  • General Possum Inspection
  • Emergency Possum Removal

Hobart Areas And Locations That We Serve

The following places are where our efficient possum removal services are now offered:

  • Mornington
  • Rose Bay
  • Tranmere
  • Bonnet Hill
  • Carlton
  • Moonah
  • Carlton River
  • Bridgewater, and more.

Why Choosing Us Is Your Best Option For Possum Removal In Hobart?

The following points show why we are the best possum removal experts option for you in Hobart:

  • Affordable Prices

We provide you with the most reasonable rates in Hobart. We provide competitive pricing without sacrificing the calibre of our services. As a consequence, you can count on our successful outcomes. 

  • Friendly And Professional

Our team works with professionalism. Additionally, you will feel comfortable interacting with us because we are friends. We pay attention to all of your worries and issues, making sure to address them all and giving you the greatest outcomes ever.

  • 24*7 Availability

In particular, possum removal emergencies may be handled by our team. We are only a phone call away.

  • Family And Pet Safe

Our possum control services now include the most recent methods and supplies. Both your family and your pets will have no risk from our possum removal process.

  • Licensed Team

The necessary licences are held by our team in order to provide possum control or removal services. When it comes to possum removal, this is very crucial. As a result, you can trust our possum removal services.