Possum Removal Methods

Using The Best Possum Removal Methods, We Make Your Property Possum-Free!

Possum Removal Hobart is the best possum removal company that offers great quality services to people using highly effective removal methods. Our possum removal methods are proven to be highly effective as we use decent quality products making your property a possum-free one. Usually, possums live in hollow spaces that are darker, so identifying the source of possum infestation is highly complex. This requires extra care and attention. Hence with the usage of appropriate tools, we can help in getting rid of possums permanently. 

Since possums fail to find suitable natural habitats for themselves, they choose to invade your properties. So, get our services and protect your residential as well as commercial spaces. This helps in attaining the best results. Allows you to protect your property from getting badly damaged by possums. If you have possums or suspect their presence on your property, you can simply contact us at 0488 852 854 and make an appointment right away. Our team is the right fit for you. 

Possum Removal Methods Services

Here Are The Possum Removal Methods We Use To Get Rid Of Them 

If you are unable to find out the presence of possums, get in touch with our experts to find the best solution to your concern. Our experts are the right fit for you. After investigating all the possible possibilities and the entry points, we will perform the services using the most effective possum removal methods. For this, we use the best tools and equipment that leads to offering great results. Our experts are properly geared and specially trained to perform the services using the best methods. The following are a few possum removal methods that we use to prevent the possums’ entry into the property: 

  • Investigating: By investigating the possum entry points, we will be able to trace out the source of entry of possums. This helps in understanding the root cause and will enable us to take appropriate actions. 
  • Sealing And Possum Proofing: Using the most advanced and effective products, we take certain measures to possum-proof your property that helps in restricting the entry of possums. For this, we seal all the entry points of the property using suitable materials. This will block the entry of possums into your property forever. 
  • Examining The Nooks And Corners: Corners and nooks are something possums often prefer. As they are not reachable, we provide the best services by getting rid of possums that are even at such hiding spots. Once we identify them, we will bring them to a place similar to their natural habitat and make sure that they are secured. Since our possum removal methods are humane, we do not harm or kill them. 
  • Proofing The Eaves: This is the extensively used method where the eaves of your property are completely proofed for possums using the best techniques. Since there is a wall overhanging, it gives space for the possums to accommodate in it. Therefore, it is ideal for you to get in touch with it right away and get the possum-proofing of the eaves done. 
  • Cementing: In case there are any indications of possums from the lower tiles of the roofs or the areas with less human frequency, we opt for cementing. This way we will be able to block the entry of possums by cementing the broken tiles of the property. 
  • Replacement Of Broken Tiles: In case the tiles are broken, we will replace them with newer ones. And we also carry out renailing. To understand the importance of this, you need to observe our workmanship. Our experts will carry out the process in such a way that it results in long-lasting outcomes. This way, we will be able to offer effective services. 
  • Baiting: This is the most common and highly effective method that can make your property free from possums. With baiting, our possum catchers can even catch the possums that are hidden. In case you fail to reach certain corners of your property, the baiting method performed by us aids in catching hold of possums as the baits attract them. As the baits are pre-treated with non-toxic chemicals, we will be able to capture them effectively. 
  • Trapping: We use mechanical trapping tools that are majorly used to trap the possums. Once the trap is exposed to possums, it will not let go of possums. This way we will be able to offer the best possum removal service to the possums. Without any further delay contact us and get our assistance. 
  • Physical Barriers: In addition to possum removal methods, we also take measures to prevent their entry into the property. For this, we will set physical barriers and deterrents which can make your property a possum-free one as the possums will find it difficult to enter the property. These barriers can even deter them from entering your premises. Thus it will lead to attaining desired results.  

Why Do You Have To Choose Our Possum Removal Company? 

Our company has been offering the best possum removal methods for so long solving all the concerns of our clients relating to possums. So to experience the same, hiring our experts is the right thing to do. In case you are wondering why to choose our services, the following aspects can give you a clear picture of why choosing our company is the right thing to do. Here are the features that make our company the best: 

  • Effective Possum Removal Methods: To make your property a possum-free one, we make use of the best possum removal methods. This way we can serve our clients with the most desirable outcomes. 
  • Approachable Team: Our team is quite approachable and is available 24/7, in case you have any queries to get clarified. 
  • Pocket-friendly: The prices at which we offer the services are affordable.
  • Non-Toxic Chemicals: The chemicals that we use for possum removal are quite safe and non-toxic. 
  • Hassle-Free Bookings: Our booking system is quite hassle-free since you can make an appointment just by making a phone call. 


Are your possum removal methods effective? 

All the above-mentioned possum removal techniques are proven to be the most effective and our experts can perform them thoroughly. Since we approach the concerns in a better way, you can get the desired results. 

How can I get an answer to my questions, If I have any queries regarding the services? 

In case you have any queries, reach out to us and get our experts’ assistance. We will be able to answer your concerns. 

How to get your team hired? 

It is the most simple way, all you need to do is just make an appointment via phone call and get our services without any further delay.