Common Signs That Show The Presence Of Possums

If you determine the presence of possums in your house then it’s important to take the necessary steps to remove them. They can create a nuisance in your home and are present in the attic, crawlspace, and within walls. Possum Removal is necessary because they are highly irritable creatures and can disinfect your kitchen vegetables and fruits. They might cause an expensive repair at your house as possums feed on electrical wiring. 

Possum Removal Services

Here Are The Common Signs That Show The Presence Of Possum In Your House:

  • Possum damaged building exterior

Most of the time possums climb a building to enter your house and may cause exterior damage. On your rooftop possum can damage shingles and rip soffit. If you notice any damage in your siding, eaves, and gutter then this may confirm the presence of possum.

  • Pet food disappear

Possums get attracted to pet food, especially cats and dogs. If you notice that their food disappears quickly then it means you have a possum in your house and pest removal is very necessary. Take necessary steps to prevent the entry of possums into your house and remove them.

  • Loud noises

Possums make loud noises such as hissing and screeching. To call their babies mother possum to make a lip-smacking sound. So, if you continuously listen to these sounds then there are high chances that a possum is trapped inside. You can observe their presence through trash cans as they are mostly found near trash cans. Call possum control services if you ever notice these sounds around your house.

  • Unpleasant odor

If you notice strange unpleasant noises around your house then it might be due to the presence of a Possum. The possum is extremely intolerable, especially around your house. In insulation and building material wet droppings can soak and cause an unpleasant odor. Wire and other architectural elements can trap possums. Dead possums in the attic are responsible for the strong smell of decay. 

  • Scratching noises

Possums make noises such as ripping and scratching which are similar to rats and mice. These noises are a bit louder than others. With a possum infestation, you may notice scratching across a wider area. 

  • Dig at your lawn

Possums may be responsible for digging lawn and flower beds. Possums get attracted to the scent of flowers under the soil so they dig a hole to get them. The possum may cause damage to your law and you need possum removal services for this.


If you try multiple methods to remove possum in your home but are unable to do that then it’s time to hire a professional possum removal service. Possum may carry pathogens as they have sharp teeth. Experts know the best techniques to trap the possum in a live trap. For guidance contact your nearby possum control service provider. If you observe a mother possum enter your house then cover the entrance with straw or something else when she leaves her den. After a few days cover the den permanently if you don’t detect possums there. For more details you can contact us on 04 8885 2854.