Simple Tips To Keep Possums Out Of Your Yard

Possums are not harmful to humans and are very helpful creatures that will help you to clean out your garbage in the garden and remove unwanted insects as well. Then you must think ’what is the need to remove them?’. Well, the reason is the legal conditions. In Australia, it is illegal to kill possums while getting rid of them. And if they infest your property along with being helpful these also create a lot of nuisance. Therefore, it is better for you to avoid them entering your house them getting them to eliminated by any possum removal company.

Simple Tips To Keep Possums Out Of Your Yard

Thus to avoid any such infestation you will need the following simple tips to keep possums out of your yard so that you don’t end up getting them extracted:

  • Remove Things That Can Attract Possums Into Your House

Keep all the potential food sources and water sources packed. If you leave pet food outside overnight or any other food source then this can attract possums to your house. If you have fruit plants in your garden then make sure that nothing is left on the ground overnight. And always used sealable trash bags to dispose of your food waste.

  • Seal All The Entry Points To Your House

It is preferable to seal or close all the possible possum entry points. Make sure to close entrances, trim your tree branches, and shield your pet doors. Also, make sure to cover your chimney properly. And trim the branches of your trees as possums are capable of climbing trees and entering your place.

  • Use A Chemical Repellent In Your Garden

You can use any chemical repellent from your local store and apply them thoroughly overall your property mainly the entrance points. These chemical repellents need to be applied frequently, as most of these are in powder form. Also, you can use chilli powder as a repellent.

  • Use Physical Repellents

Physical repellents like motion-activated sprinklers can keep possums out of your property. These are eco-friendly and don’t harm possums at all. You can place these in your lawns, gardens, pools and barns. Other than these you can also use lawn lights and wind chimes that also startle possums and will keep them away from your house.

  • Install Special Fencing

Fencing is one of the methods that will give you long-lasting support to keep possums out of your property. You can use metal fencing that is around 3 to 4 inches long. Make sure to cover all the crawl spaces, stairways, and porches, and cover them with steel wire mesh or sheet metal.

  • Use Possum Traps

You can place a trap inside your property if there is a possum infestation. For this, you have to place a trap at the common places that possums take to wander around. Possums are attracted to fruits, pet food, grains and insects. It is best to place the trap or bait at night as they are more active during the night.

  • Provide Alternative Home To Possums

To avoid possums infestation you can provide them with an alternative house. You can either create or purchase a suitable house for them which can save them from their predators. Because of this, they will wander no way around in search of shelter. For this, you can arrange a nesting box that will give a home to these possums while keeping your property safe from any infestation.


To keep possums away from your property, this article is helpful in providing you with simple tips to keep possums out of your yard. To keep possums out you must know a proper identification of possums. Once it is confirmed that the infestation is of possums only then you may apply any of these given tips to avoid their infestation.

Just make sure to apply the methods or tips as a group. As possum repellents are not capable of dealing with possums on their own. Thus make sure to create a whole set of methods to keep possums out of your yard. And make sure to make your yard less appealing to possums and keep your place proper fenced and seal all the entry points. We hope you find these Simple Tips To Keep Possums Out Of Your Yard useful, if you are still confused call a professional possum removalist

If you determine the presence of possums in your house then it’s important to take the necessary steps to remove them. They can create a nuisance in your home and are present in the attic, crawlspace, and within walls. Possum Removal is necessary because they are highly irritable creatures and can disinfect your kitchen vegetables and fruits. They might cause an expensive repair at your house as possums feed on electrical wiring. 

Possum Removal Services

Here Are The Common Signs That Show The Presence Of Possum In Your House:

  • Possum damaged building exterior

Most of the time possums climb a building to enter your house and may cause exterior damage. On your rooftop possum can damage shingles and rip soffit. If you notice any damage in your siding, eaves, and gutter then this may confirm the presence of possum.

  • Pet food disappear

Possums get attracted to pet food, especially cats and dogs. If you notice that their food disappears quickly then it means you have a possum in your house and pest removal is very necessary. Take necessary steps to prevent the entry of possums into your house and remove them.

  • Loud noises

Possums make loud noises such as hissing and screeching. To call their babies mother possum to make a lip-smacking sound. So, if you continuously listen to these sounds then there are high chances that a possum is trapped inside. You can observe their presence through trash cans as they are mostly found near trash cans. Call possum control services if you ever notice these sounds around your house.

  • Unpleasant odor

If you notice strange unpleasant noises around your house then it might be due to the presence of a Possum. The possum is extremely intolerable, especially around your house. In insulation and building material wet droppings can soak and cause an unpleasant odor. Wire and other architectural elements can trap possums. Dead possums in the attic are responsible for the strong smell of decay. 

  • Scratching noises

Possums make noises such as ripping and scratching which are similar to rats and mice. These noises are a bit louder than others. With a possum infestation, you may notice scratching across a wider area. 

  • Dig at your lawn

Possums may be responsible for digging lawn and flower beds. Possums get attracted to the scent of flowers under the soil so they dig a hole to get them. The possum may cause damage to your law and you need possum removal services for this.


If you try multiple methods to remove possum in your home but are unable to do that then it’s time to hire a professional possum removal service. Possum may carry pathogens as they have sharp teeth. Experts know the best techniques to trap the possum in a live trap. For guidance contact your nearby possum control service provider. If you observe a mother possum enter your house then cover the entrance with straw or something else when she leaves her den. After a few days cover the den permanently if you don’t detect possums there. For more details you can contact us on 04 8885 2854.